A Personal Touch For The Fans: Customised CSK Bags by Nasher Miles!

The kings are ready to hit the ball out of the park; the field is ready for the ultimate battle; the fans are ready to roar out loud and we are ready to make this experience an exclusive one – for both, the Chennai Super Kings’ team players and for the fans who never let their faith falter!

For IPL 2020, Nasher Miles is thrilled to be the licensed travel partner for the CSK team! Of the many, one thing that the two superpowers share is their ambitious nature. The contemporary travel brand will be a constant companion as the super team set out on a journey to victory. The #WhistlePodu army is outfitted with bags especially customised for them, with yellove from Nasher Miles. Every piece of art has a story to tell and ours comes from the artists who have painstakingly painted every single one of the Chennai Super Kings players’ bags. Every stroke is a proof of admiration and does justice to the excellence that the team brings to the stadium!

What’s even better? You now can get Nasher Miles’ limited edition CSK bags customized for yourself as well – with your name beautifully painted across the stylish yet sturdy yellow canvas! To make things merrier, the features of the bag perfectly mirror its attractive look. They are made from 100% pure polypropylene which is light, strong, durable, scratch-resistant and resilient. They are also equipped with an anti-theft, double coil zip to ensure maximum safety. Long story short, you can now travel like the kings do – redefining style as you go!

When it comes to sports merchandise, a little touch of personalisation goes a long way! And what can bring us more joy than watching the fans smile wide with pride! Just like a jersey carries the story of a player, your bag carries the tales of your travels with you. This IPL season, write a new chapter in your fan book with Nasher Miles’ CSK official merchandise, customised just for you.

Nasher Miles, CSK licensed travel partner 2020, brings you CSK merchandise in the form of premium quality luggage! A true fan would not and should not miss out on the opportunity to own this limited edition Chennai Super Kings merchandise! Grab yours today and get ready to watch the team own the battle ground yet again!

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