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Being a part of the world that primarily runs on technology, the opportunities for everything are truly endless – be it with regards to your professional life or personal life. This abundance of options leads to most of us harbouring multiple passions. While this is a wonderful gift that has been given to us, the daunting dilemma arises when two of our passions are contradictory. For example, when you are an ambitious person that works hard to climb the ladder of success, but also a vagabond who wants to escape the harsh realities of life every once in a while, and set out in search of inner peace.

Managing two equally exhilarating passions is no easy feat. But fortunately for the on-the-go professionals, there are ways to strike a fine balance between the two. How does one do that? Firstly, you need to have the sheer determination and willingness to nurture both your interests with equal attention and care. Next, you need the right accessories that will help you follow the roadmap to success, while you are on the road – a laptop with ideal configurations, the power of the Internet, your smart phone, and of course the right laptop backpack that can accommodate both your passions, and easily so.

This brings us to the significance of laptop backpacks! Essentially, a backpack serves as an all-in-one solution when it comes to weekend travels or for daily use (college and office purposes). It effortlessly accommodates itself under the bus seats or in the compact cabins in trains and places. It is also the perfect pick as carry-on luggage.

Backpacks with a laptop compartment are best representatives of today’s modern lifestyle. They allow us to step out of our four-walled cubicle, and take our work along wherever we go. This way we never have to miss out on promising work opportunities. Carrying your laptop means being able to have access to all your work, being able to be a part of important meetings, all while traveling. Given that Wi-Fi hotspots are readily available across the country, you can easily connect to the internet, check and send email, and even video conferences while on the go.

Apart from being our saviours when it comes to working on-the-go, laptop backpacks come with many other advantages as well, to name a few-

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6 Advantages Of Stylish Laptop Backpacks

1. Promotes Easy Organisation Of Items:

When it comes to packing well or packing light, effective organisation is the key. Now, not all of us are blessed with the gift of great organisation; however, backpacks can help us get well-acquainted with the art, if not help us master it. An ideal laptop bag is equipped with multiple compartments of different sizes for your differently-sized belongings. It also has plenty of side easy access front and side pockets for any last-minute items. A laptop backpack not only provides safe accommodation for your laptop, but also for its accessories like the cable and charges, tablet, hard drives and such.

2. Easy To Transport:

The best part about backpacks is that no matter the distance you have to travel, you can carry your backpack comfortably, as compared to other kinds of luggage. It doesn’t require any arm strength and your hands are free to take care of other tasks. Carrying a backpack also allows you to move through a crowded street quite quickly. Moreover, it is much easier to keep an eye on your backpack when you are using public transport. They also easily accommodate compact luggage storing spaces in buses or trains. You can throw your bag on and forget about it. All you have to do is sling the backpack around your shoulders, and you are free to hop from one corner of the city to another, without any hassle. 

3. Keep Aches & Pains At Bay:

If you travel around with the ideal backpack, your shoulders, neck and back are sure to thank you! With other kinds of suitcases or luggage, you are mostly likely to use only one side of your body to carry it along. Now, you may think that carrying the backpack could cause back and shoulder aches. But that is not the case. Thanks to the two sturdy straps that most of the backpack are equipped with, the weight of the bag is equally divided. You have to make sure that the bag you choose is thoughtfully designed by the brand, in a way that it best protects you from unwarranted aches. Another important thing to remember is to not load the backpack with more items than necessary.

4. Helps Carry Your Belongings Safely:

If you are going to be carrying valuables or fragile items that are relatively smaller in size, a backpack is the ideal luggage option. There are very few suitcases that have the necessary protection features to keep your belongings from getting damaged. It is wiser to not risk it and carry them along with you in a backpack while traveling. To add to this, many backpacks today come with a built-in rain guard or are made of premium water-proof fabrics. So, if you are traveling in monsoon or in less than ideal travel conditions, backpacks are your best bet when it comes to keeping your electronics devices and documents safe and dry. Some backpacks are also equipped with secret back pockets to help you tuck away your passport and ID cards safely after use.

5. Efficient In Terms Of Time:

The frequent travellers are well-aware of the fact that packing is a time-consuming task. Given that most backpacks come with multiple compartments, it becomes easier to know which items have to go where in the bag. Thanks to the convenience of backpacks, you manage to pack faster in less time, even if you are not a pro at packing. In addition to this, dragging heavier suitcases along can slow you down, especially if you are in a rush and need to cross long, crowded airport stretches. This is where laptop bags come to your rescue and help you move around quicker.

6. Easy To Access To The Tiniest Of Belongings:

When you have to work on-the-go, you would naturally need easy access to most of the items in your backpack. With this compact luggage, it is quite easy to keep your laptop, tablet, chargers, wallet, notepad, and the necessary stationery items well within your reach. Backpacks are especially known for their dedicated compartments for your laptop, water bottle, wallets, sunglasses; the multiple compartments for your documents as well. To make matters merrier, the front pockets are great to keep these little items like pens and books handy.

A laptop backpack, when chosen wisely, can bring you the best of everything – features, functionality, fashion, and of course the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime. It is a complement package when it comes to short trips, or on trips that require you to explore on foot. 

Laptop Backpacks By Nasher Miles

At Nasher Miles, we have three categories of backpacks to suit specific needs: corporate, outdoor and casual. The corporate backpacks have a sleek look and come in both hardside and softside options. The outdoor backpacks come in durable materials with plenty of compartments and padded back and straps. Finally, the casual backpacks come in vibrant colours and a specific office organiser compartment for stationery and notebooks.

Our backpacks come with a laptop compartment to keep your beloved device safe and secure. Therefore, no matter what kind of trip you are planning to embark on, we have the right backpack for you. Our check-in friendly backpacks open up completely, for ease of security checks. We bring you three categories of stylish backpacks equipped with multiple features; here are the key features for each of the categories-

Casual Style Laptop backpack

Casual Backpacks

Premium Material:

Our backpacks are made of tear-resistant, anti-scratch and anti-shrinkage twill polyester material and a denim look material that is tear-resistant, scratch free and is complemented by faux leather detailing.

Sweat-proof Back & Straps:

The back and top handles are padded for ease, and are made of a sweat-resistant material for no staining.

Front Pocket Office Organiser:

The large U-zip front pocket organiser is designed exclusively for easy organisation of pens, pencils, phone, sunglasses and any quick access items.

Laptop Compartment:

The backpacks come with a large padded section, offering safety and a secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

Ideal For College Use:

Our casual backpacks are equipped with features that provide additional utility to make college life easier.

Corporate backpacks

Corporate Backpacks

Excellent Material:

Our backpacks are made of premium quality polyester and nylon, making them water-resistant, tear-resistant, anti-scratch and durable. Some bags come with a hard front made of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) that makes it difficult to cut into.

Anti-Theft Zippers:

The bags also have ultra-secure zippers that tamper-proof your bag. They cannot be opened by sticking a sharp object in.

USB & AUX Charge Port:

This feature is sure to impress the on-the-go professionals. The backpacks have a built-in USB charging port outside and built-in charging cable inside.

Padded Laptop & Tablet Compartment:

Being corporate backpacks, they are equipped with a large padded section, offering safety and a secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

Quick Access Front Organiser:

The front zippered compartment makes for smart organization of pens, phone and the other items that you need handy.

Outdoor Backpacks

Outdoor backpacks

Premium Material:

Our backpacks are born out of superior fabrics. The polyester bags are water-repellent, and great at resisting abrasion and tearing. The nylon bags are tear-resistant, anti-shrinkage and anti-scratch. They are best known for their lasting durability.

Rain Cover:

Come sunshine or rain – your belongings will stay protected at all times with our built-in rain guard. They keep your items dry even if you find yourself stuck in a thunderstorm.

Laptop Compartment:

Our backpacks also come with a large padded section, offering safety and a secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

Quick Access Front Compartments:

The front zippered compartment makes for smart organization of pens, phone and any quick to access items.

Ideal for Outdoors:

Our compact outdoor backpacks are a preferred choice amongst day trekkers.

Laptop Roller Cases For Professional Trip

Nasher miles also has excellent laptop roller cases in store for you. They serve as the ideal laptop handbags that are just perfect for short business trips. They are compact, lightweight, and have specific compartments for your laptop and for your other valuable accessories as well. Additionally, corporate backpacks are great cabin bags for business trips as well. If you have been on the hunt for a stylish laptop bag, Nasher Miles is home to the best laptop bags. They are equipped with enviable feature, to name a few-

Padded Laptop Compartment:

Because your laptop goes where you go, the rolling laptop case helps ensure it gets there safely. The case features a padded interior slot designed specifically for one computer of up to 16 inches. Slip your computer inside and secure it with the Velcro strap for enhanced stability.

Front Organizer Pocket:

The zippered front pocket offers useful space for quickly accessing belongings or stashing last-minute items. It also functions as a handy workstation with designated compartments for keeping smaller items such as paper notepads, pens and markers, cell phone, business cards, sticky notes, and other office essentials.

Superior Fabric:

Made of a superior quality of polyester, this bag does not absorb moisture and is stain resistant. It is water resistant and helps protect your laptop, clothes and other important material.

Quick Access Compartment:

It is always nice to keep the little things that you need handy. The small quick access compartment is provided for keeping frequently accessed items like mobile phones, passport, sunglasses etc.

Silent Spinner Wheels:

Most roller cases have 2 silent spinner wheels, making it easier to maneuver over different surfaces. These multi-directional silent spinner wheels rotate for easy maneuverability.

Order The Best Laptop Backpacks Online From Nasher Miles

If you have been looking for the ‘best laptop backpack for men’ or ‘fashionable laptop bags’ that are equipped with all the right features to get you going, Nasher Miles is where you will find an impressive laptop backpack collection. Each bag of ours is designed to celebrate all your adventures – be it the one that introduces you to success, or the one that introduces you to serenity. Select from our range of laptop backpacks and achieve milestones as you cross them!

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