Fly Happy: Air Travel Tips & Tricks

Long security-check queues, long waiting hours in case of flight delays, overpriced and unhealthy airport food items, unwarranted in-flight problems and what not – when it comes to flying, there’s a lot of factors that can lead to a bad start to your vacation. But you don’t have to enter the battlefield without your shield. The tips below are sure to help your travel dreams take a smooth flight.

A comfortable journey to your destination can set the right mood for the entire vacation. After all, as they say, the journey is as important as the destination.

1. The Art of Smart Booking:

Spontaneous trips have a charm of their own but they mean last minute flight bookings, which mean a big hole in your pocket. A planned trip helps you stay more organised and is kinder to your bank account. Book at least 2-3 months prior to your trip. Take your time and weigh your options rationally. Granted that with so many options and offers available, it’s overwhelming to take your pick. Remember that every penny you save on booking can be put to good use while making the most of your vacation. Choose off-peak days of the week- this is a wise move, especially if you are on a tight budget.

2. Travel Light:

Always, always, always choose a lightweight suitcase. Boasting the lightweight feature, Nasher Miles is home to the best luggage bags for air travel. Of course this won’t be of much use if you stuff the suitcase with heavy items. Carry lightweight items in a compact carry-on that can easily slide into overhead bins on flights. If you aren’t a master of packing, explore some airplane backpack tips and tricks or luggage tips for flying. Airlines today have strict airline policies. Light packing tips for air travel could save you from a heavy baggage fee.

3. The Sooner The Better:

There are two things that you must do well ahead of time-
1. Check in to your flight beforehand: Checking in to your flight ahead of time can help you score a better seat. It will also help you save time at the airport.
2. Arrive at the airport 1-2 hours earlier: Reach the airport two hours before a domestic flight or three hours before an international flight. This leaves you with enough time to deal with traffic-related delays, long lines at the security check or in case you need to attend to last-minute problems at the airport.

4. Sleep Better, Feel Better:

A good sleep is the key to a great start to your trip. It can help you wake up in a better mood when you land. Regardless of where you are seated on the flight or who you are seated next to, there are some life-saving items that will help you sleep peacefully through the long flight hours.
-Travel pillow: These support your neck or body so that you can sleep in a relaxed position, even on cramped, uncomfortable plane rides.
-An eye mask: This one comes when the cabin lights interrupt your sleep during connecting flights or long flight hours.
-Earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones: These are designed to help you sleep like a baby even if there’s a screaming baby next to you.

5. Eat Right When On-flight:

As appetizing as it might look, the food items at the airports or in the flight are grossly overpriced and unhealthy. Pack healthy snacks in your carry-on bag instead. This is a much healthier alternative that keeps you from gorging on unhealthy food and also helps you save money significantly. Lightweight snacks like apples, almonds, raisins, dried fruit, carrot sticks, protein bars and such are sure to keep you happy and healthy when flying. Before you pack the food items, do consider checking the latest security restrictions. You do not want to leave these little treats behind at the counter. 

6. Entertainment Is Essential:

Charge your devices before leaving for the airport. This includes your phone, laptop, camera, and any other electronics you travel with. Apart from their obvious use, you’ll need them to keep yourself thoroughly entertained if you are stranded at the airport thanks to flight delays or cancelled flights. If you have a movie, podcast or an e-book you’ve been meaning to watch/read, download it before boarding so you can watch/read it offline. Carry a portable charger for your phone or other devices that you are bound to use constantly when travelling.

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