For The Love Of Softside Luggage

If you are new to luggage hunting, the first thing that you should be asking yourself is if you want hardside or softside luggage? You’ll come to see that the task of choosing between hardside and softside luggage will put you in an insoluble dilemma. But there’s a way out of this maze of confusion. First, have clarity on the kind of travel you are mostly likely to often set out on.

The key here is to tame your impatient side and let your rational side rightfully weigh the luggage pros and cons, depending on what kind of journey you are about to embark on and which feature sets are important to you.Modern day luggage, both hardside luggage and softside, boast unique features and have a charm of their own. No wonder having a preference is difficult. Even so, why is it that many claim to have a soft spot for soft-side bags? Here are a few pros of softside luggage that makes it irreplaceable.

Softside Luggage Advantages-


Ultra lightweight luggage for travel will do you a world of good! Thanks to its durable yet lightweight material, softside luggage is usually lighter compared to hardside luggage. Made from Gucci Nylon with Dobby and Micro PU front, Nasher Miles’ softside collection hosts the lightest carry-on bags available out there. They are more common than hardside luggage, especially for carry-on luggage, and are easier to squeeze into tight overhead compartments. By picking compact, lightweight carry-on bags, you also avoid heavy luggage fees on airlines.


The beauty of softside luggage is that it’s a lot more flexible than hardside suitcases. This proves to be a blessing when it comes to stuffing your luggage into small spaces. You can easily tuck one under your seat in a bus, or secure it inside a locker or tight overhead compartments, as mentioned above. It’s just far easier to stuff more things inside a softside luggage. Nasher Miles’ softside luggage also comes with an expander option. The bag can be expanded up to 25% more from all sides. This feature attracts a lot of takers for our softside luggage.


Two front pockets, fully lined interior, tie down straps and zippered divider to organise contents- softside luggage by Nasher Miles offers all of this and more. Softside luggage usually comes with both external and internal pockets, making it easier for you to separate small items from the large ones. The availability of external pockets makes these bags an ideal choice. It’s easier to pack last minute items into these small compartments without having to shuffle your already packed luggage.


Softside luggage is fabricated to overpower the rough ways of the airport. After a long battle, they are most likely to stand victorious on the conveyor belt. Regardless of being tossed and turned and squeezed from the pressure of the bags piled on top, your softside luggage has the ability to retain their original shape. One of the few softside luggage disadvantages are the stains. Thanks to the evolution of luggage, the stains are just a collateral damage that is reversible. These bags are easily washable without diminishing the material’s quality.


External pockets are mostly seen on softside luggage. Multiple external pockets help you keep all the essentials close at hand. These compartments brilliantly promote smart organisation. They make it easier to store small items such as a bottle, a book or a medical kit. Nasher Miles’ softside cabin bag comes with a large padded compartment in the front to make room for a light laptop. The larger bags are equipped with three front compartments.

The next time you go luggage hunting, make sure you look out for these features before taking a final call. Nasher Miles brings the best softside luggage for you. Feel free to browse through our exclusive luggage collections online!

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