Messy Packer? Compartmentalize!

In the realm of laziness, packing is a two-step process.
Step one: take your clothes out of the closet.
Step two: shove them in the back however and wherever possible.
Who doesn’t love an easy way out? Especially when an exciting vacation is calling your name but you must first face the wrath of tedious tasks like packing. For the lazy packers (you know who you are) who pledge to pack better for the next trip but fail, let’s make packing an easy task instead of a messy one. Here are some tips that are sure to help you become the pro packer you’ve always aspired to be-

Three basic tips for quick yet efficient packing-

1. The Right Bag-

Compartmentalizing is no joke when you are setting out on a long vacation and have loads to carry. Here, like any other process, the first step is the most crucial one. Start with choosing the ideal multi compartment suitcase. A luggage bag with compartments will solve half your problems. Luggage by Nasher Miles is equipped with fully lined roomy interior, down straps and zippered divider to secure contents and promote easy organization. Our softside luggage boasts external pockets and comes with a padded laptop compartment in the front. Larger bags have three front compartments. These bags also have an ‘expander option’, meaning that they can be expanded up to 25% from all sides to make room for the extras.

The many designated compartments are designed to encourage you to pack better.

2. Packing Cubes-

Too many items to carry? You NEED packing cubes and you need them now. Packing cubes are essentially space savers and hence, life savers! They are zippered fabric containers that often come in a rectangular shape and are small enough to snuggle into a cabin bag, suitcase or backpack. All you have to do is roll your clothing and put them in these cubes. They not only help you save space but also protect clothes in dusty hotel drawers. Waterproof packing cubes are a blessing when your to-do list includes camping, boating, or some beach time. These cubes keep your clothes protected from sand and water, and/or work the opposite way if you want to fill them with wet towels or swimsuits and keep everything else in your bag dry.

Packing becomes easy when you know what goes in each cube and how each cube fits in your luggage.

3. Travel Compression Bags

Still struggling to fit everything into your bag? Get your hands on the best compression bags. If you are traveling to relatively cooler regions, these sealable plastic bags will work wonders for you. They are equipped with one-way pressure valves that let air out but not in. They are simple to use- fold your clothes and slide them inside the bag, seal the zip-lock top, then roll the bag to squeeze out all the air. By removing excess air, items that usually take up more space like sweaters and jackets are compressed, and you save space. Come rain, come snow; you don’t have to worry as the bags are airtight, keeping your clothes clean and dry. Compression packing bags come in a range of sizes that serve every possible item.

Invest in a durable bag and you are good to go. These travel compression bags will keep your sane throughout the struggle of making room for the 100 items on your checklist.

Try these tips the next time you set out on the mission to pack better and pat yourself on the back for nailing the task. If you are in search of the best luggage bags; browse through Nasher Miles’ collection of multi compartment carry-on luggage.

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