Pack Like A Pro

Do you want to pack like Marie Kondo does your bag look like it’s been put together by a two-year-old? Worry not! With the right travel luggage bag and the right tips, you stand a chance to succeed! Here are some alternatives to sitting on your overstuffed bags with the purpose of making it all fit in-

 Tip 1: Roll instead of fold

There’s no need to envy your friend’s neatly folded clothes. Roll with your own style instead! Rolling your clothes goes a long way in preventing creases.
Tops: Fold in the sleeves and start rolling from bottom to top.
Pants: place the legs one on top of the other and start rolling from top to bottom.

Tip 2: Choose travel-friendly materials

Opt for wrinkle-free shirts and stretch fabrics, hang them in the closet once you reach your destination and watch the creases fall out automatically.

Tip 3: Backpack travel

If your trip requires you to walk more than using other modes of transport, a travel backpack bag is a lot easier than a wheeled bag that would make for a bumpy ride on cobblestoned paths and staircases. The travel-friendly backpack also fits neatly under the seat in buses and public transport allowing you to travel more comfortably.

Tip 4: Keep a couple of laundry bags handy

This way you can keep your dirty coloreds and whites separate, and then dump them into the machine without the hassle of sorting them when you return. Laundry bags also guard the clean items that went unused during your trip.

Tip 5: To leave or not to leave free space

No matter how short vacation, we never return empty-handed! We all end up buying something or the other, hence it’s wise to leave some free space for souvenirs. If you’re packing a more conventional luggage trolley, the empty spot may backfire as all your packed luggage will keep shifting in the bag and it’s a surefire recipe for crumpled clothes and damaged bottles. Instead, fill in that empty space with laundry bags, newspapers and other place holders. In case you need that space you can just discard them. 

Tip 6: Packing cubes are a good idea

Travel packing cubes are lightweight, delineate space and look tidy. They are great for organizing and generally have see-through windows to help you see what’s packed inside.

Tip 7: Carry a universal adaptor

Carry a universal adapter, preferably with two USB ports so you don’t have to worry about running into an incompatible electric socket. This allows you to charge multiple items at the same time through a USB cable as well.

Tip 8: Multiple climate packing

If you are traveling to a destination that is exposed to unpredictable weather, consider carrying a compression bag. This will reduce the volume of your bulky winter wear and make room for a few extras in case the weather changes its mind. 

Tip 9: A small medical kit

It’s incredibly helpful especially when you travel to foreign destinations as you would be unfamiliar with the medicines for common problems. Make sure your medical kit has a few band-aids, some antibacterial ointment, wipes for cuts and scrapes, usual pain relievers, medicine for a cold and stomach trouble, itch relief ointment, antibiotics (ask your doctor for an emergency prescription before you travel), and earplugs (lifesavers on long-haul flights and trains).

Tip 10: Lightweight luggage trolleys

Invest in a good quality lightweight travel luggage trolley set. Most airlines have strict weight allowance policies. Keep an eye out for the lightweight luggage trolleys and you will thank yourself while packing an extra load of gifts and other unexpected items.

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