Safety In Every Mile – Your Cover From COVID-19

By the beginning of March 2020, the COVID-19 Crisis brought the world to a standstill. With research-based lockdown strategies, consistent efforts of frontline health care workers, and the cooperation of the masses, the world is steadily adapting in order to function well despite the presence of the virus.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that together we can survive it all. With today’s technological innovations and scientific progress, we hold the potential to not just survive this pandemic but to thrive despite it. We fought this battle from the comfort of our homes for as long as it was necessary. Now that the necessary precautions are in place, it is time to step out, practice these precautions to prevent the spread of the virus, and bring the nation back on its feet.

It’s imperative for us all to stand together and restore the nation back to its glory. In this battle against COVID-19, our shield of safety is also our weapon. Following the precautions cited by the government and advised by the doctors has to be our first priority. This is the fastest and simplest way to welcome a virus-free world in the coming months.

To keep everyone safe while we work towards a better tomorrow, Nasher Miles has introduced the N95 Valve Face Masks!

What is an ‘N95v Mask’?

N: This is a Respirator Rating Letter Class. N stands for ‘Non-Oil’ meaning that if no oil-based particles are present, the mask can be used in this environment. Other masks ratings are R (resistant to oil for 8 hours) and P (oil proof).

95: Masks ending with the number 95 are 95% efficient.

v: V stands for Valve that allows for easy breathing.

Why Nasher Miles’ N95 Face Mask?

Nasher Miles’ N95v high-quality mask has been rigorously tested in pandemic preparedness studies and works efficiently to safeguard against the COVID-19 virus.

Key Features:

  • Unique shape design allows a low profile and a good fit
  • Enhanced comfort due to the easily adjustable aluminum nose clip
  • The soft, nylon elastic used is durable and skin-friendly
  • Easy to breathe through because of robust filter media
  • Latex, PVC and Silicon free
  • Easily disposable Face Mask
  • Equipped with a breathing valve
  • 5 layers of protection
  • Proudly made in India

Functions And Characteristics Of Breathing Valve

Our N95 Mask with valve promotes breathability, helping you do away with the sense of suffocation. It removes heat and moisture, effectively reducing the relative humidity in the mask. It keeps the mask dry and fresh, significantly reducing respiratory resistance. It also reduces CO2 accumulation in the mask, preventing vertigo attacks and headaches.

How To Wear The Mask?

N95 face masks are a great way to protect your lungs and overall health. Designed to filter out dangerous particles, it allows you to breathe in clean air and stay virus-free. Here’s a quick 3-step process to wearing the mask for guaranteed protection:

  • Wash your hands
  • Pull the headbands loose
  • Press the metallic strip

How To Extend The Life Of The Mask?

1. Mask Rotation:

Acquire a set number of N95 masks and rotate their use each day, allowing them to dry for long enough that the virus is no longer viable (more than 72 hours).

2. Proper Storage:

Hang the respirators to dry, or keep them in a clean, breathable container like a paper bag between uses. Make sure the masks do not touch each other and that you do not share your respirator mask with other people.

Do not use the following items to clean the mask:

Bleach | Baking | Alcohol | Boiling | Soap | Microwave | Sanitizing Wipes | Ethylene Oxide

N95 masks cannot be cleaned or disinfected. Discard them if:

  • Clogged or you sense a foul smell
  • Wet or dirty on the inside
  • If the mask is deformed
  • If there is a tear in the filter

If you are looking to buy N95 Mask online or to buy a disposable face mask, you are in the right place! Nasher Miles’ N95 Valve Face Masks are designed to keep you protected against COVID-19. They are available in three different colors in a single pack. Buy Face Mask online, put it on as advised, and step out safely!

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