Say Hello To Technology-backed Travelling

The modern world demands modern ways of life. From our smart communication devices to home automation to activity and health monitoring – our lives revolve around technology. Every other product introduced in the market is designed with the sole intent of making our everyday lives more convenient. When almost every aspect of our life is technology-backed then don’t we leverage its power to promote efficient travelling as well? Why not transform our ways of travelling to embrace better experiences?
Granted, that vacations were originally invented to serve as escape from the material world. However, not everyone can afford to put everything on pause and disconnect entirely. Some of us need to find the right balance and make the best of both worlds. For the on-the-go professionals or the tech-savvy travellers, these gadgets are sure to help you stay connected while you explore different corners of the world.

Here are a few ways with which you can embrace ‘smart travel’-

1. Smart Luggage-

Whether it’s having your back if you have left your phone charger behind (literally in case of a smart backpack) or weighing its own contents to save your bank account from the heavy excess baggage fees at the airport – an ideal smart luggage bag does it all. It promotes safety via TSA locks and anti-theft alarms. It features designated compartments for your digital devices and is equipped with functions that can keep your electronics running. 
Clever travel bags by Nasher Miles, one of the best travel luggage bag brands, feature built-in TSA locks with a resettable number code. Our smart backpacks come with a built-in USB charging port outside and built-in charging cable inside. If you have been looking for ‘luggage bag with TSA lock’, ‘luggage bag with USB charger’, Nasher Miles is where you’ll find it. These make for the best carry-on luggage for your travels

2. Smart Entertainers-

Long flights don’t necessarily have to mean slowing sinking into boredom. Luckily for us, the modern world brings with it, modern solutions. Here are the smart entertainers – Tablets, iPads, Laptops, iPods, Kindles and the like. Apart from helping you sail through long travels, these will also keep yourself thoroughly entertained if you are stranded at the airport thanks to flight delays. If you have a movie, podcast or an e-book you’ve been meaning to watch/read, download it before boarding so you can watch/read it offline.

3. Smart Saviours-

You’ve managed to get all your communication and entertainment devices on board, the flight has taken off, and you are all set to binge watch or read. Suddenly, you realise that you haven’t charged your devices enough. Better yet, you are stranded in an unknown territory with no means of finding your way back because your digital devices gave up on you. Doesn’t your heart sink just at the thought of unforeseen situations like these? Also, not all the destinations have a strong Wi-Fi network, some have none. Here is where your smart saviours come into the picture. Always, always carry a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and a power bank. Carry a universal adapter, preferably with two USB ports so you don’t have to worry about running into an incompatible electric socket. This allows you to charge multiple items at the same time through a USB cable as well.

4. Smart Accessories-

GPS Watch If you are the kind of traveller who believes in adventure above all and isn’t satisfied until every corner of the town has been explored, then a GPS watch is for you. Apart from the obvious features of a normal watch, this one helps you determine your exact location.

Noise Cancelling Headphones – These are designed to help you sleep like a baby even if there’s a screaming baby next to you.

Headphone Jack Splitter – This one is a must if you are travelling with friends, family or your better half! Watch your favourite shows together on long flights or listen to soulful music as you talk a walk along the beach shore or watch a late-night movie while camping.

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