The Ideal Backpack For Outdoor Adventures

Our fondest childhood memories are the ones where we rush outdoors, ecstatic to embrace the littlest of adventures with our friends. Those carefree days were something that dreams are made of. Today’s busy schedule doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to give up on the outdoors. After all, where there’s a will, there’s a way. We can always take out some time and take the path of sweet nostalgia as we unravel the many wonders of nature while travelling.

Of course, the childhood adventures being limited to our compound walls didn’t require us to be extra responsible. But now that we are older and ready to take on bigger adventures that the world has to offer, it’s only wise to take the necessary measures. To ensure that your excitement doesn’t lead us to a misadventure, carry the necessary items to make the most of your adventure. This includes everything from comfort assuring essentials to safety essentials. 

Now, the question remains- how to explore the outdoors with the weight on your shoulders slowing your down? The right outdoor backpack can solve more than half your problems. This is where premium hiking backpacks by Nasher Miles prove to be an ideal travel companion. Every backpack by Nasher Miles encourages and inspires one to take a break and set out in search of the extraordinary. All you have to do is pack the essentials and step out the door. The premium backpacks ensure that your luggage doesn’t get in the way of your adventure. Here’s how- 

Nasher Miles’ Outdoor Backpacks-


This compact outdoor backpack is a favourite among day hikers. It happens to be the best day hiking backpack out there!

Key Features-

1. Attractive Camouflage Design:
This backpack represents the phrase- look good, feel good. The fun camouflage design, available in grey and black, never goes out of style. 
2. Premium Material:
The fabric used to create the backpack is high-quality, water repellent, 1680D double-pile polyester. It resists abrasion and tearing.
3. Rain Cover:
You can unfurl the built-in rain guard and protect your belongings even if you get stuck in a thunderstorm, making this one the best adventure backpack.


This roomy 34 litre outdoor backpack works well for a trek or a short holiday.

Key Features-

1. Attractive Design:
The backpack’s rubber grip zip pullers and the interesting front pocket stylization shows a keen design view.
2. Laptop Compartment:
It comes with a large padded section, offering safety and a secure space for a 16-inch laptop.
3. Quick Access Front Compartments:
The backpack is equipped with a front zippered compartment for efficient organization of pens, phone and any quick access items.


If you are a day trekker, this backpack is designed to help you make the most of your adventure.  

Key Features-

1. Attractive Design:
Organization, convenient access, and stylish aesthetics come together to create a standout backpack for you.
2. Premium Material:
Made of tear-resistant, anti-shrinkage and anti-scratch 900D Gucci nylon, the backpack is known for its lasting durability.
3. Padded Back & Straps:
The backpack is equipped with an ultra-padded and sweat resistant back and shoulder straps for maximum comfort and zero stains.


This smart backpack is just perfect for today’s on-the-go professionals. 

Key Features-

1. Secret Pocket:
A handy little pocket has been sneaked in in the back of the backpack for an extra bit of security.
2. Padded Laptop and Tablet Sleeve:
The backpack comes with a large padded section, offering safety and a secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.
3. Sunglasses Cover:
The exclusive sunglasses pocket is convenient and promotes easy access.

A leading contemporary travel luggage brand company- Nasher Miles brings you adventure! It’s time to pack your outdoor adventure backpack; step out the door and let your curious side take over. Browse through our exclusive collections of backpacks and find the perfect fit for you.

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