For Wilder Adventures: Camping Checklist, Destinations & Packing Tips

Chandratal Lake Trek

There are adventures that bring you bliss as you walk along the beach side, then there are the ones that help you explore the many corners of the wonderful world; and then there are some that bring you inexplicable joy as you climb your way to the mountaintop and express your feelings out loud. There is something so extraordinary about the way the mountains are blanketed with gorgeous green layers in different soothing shades, sheltering the rare species of flora and fauna.

When you venture into the wild, you experience nature in its truest form. Hiking and camping are the best ways to witness the gems hidden in the deepest nooks and corners of the earth. There is no better way to break out of your little world and explore this vast world – it brings you the thrill of chasing happiness, helps you reconnect with nature, and above all, it humbles you. But, since it is a whole new world that you are not too familiar with, navigating it can get a little tricky. If you are a beginner when it comes to hiking or camping, this blog will guide you in the right direction.

To start with the basics – the first thing you would need to make the most of your backpacking adventures is a full-fledged checklist. Each of the camping essentials on this list will make your journey and your stay in the wild much more convenient and comfortable. So, what are the things for camping that you would require? If it is a one-day hiking trip, you would not need as many items. On the other hand, if you wish to embark on a 4 to 5-day camping vacation, you would need to be mindful of what you carry, as you will be at nature’s mercy and not in the city’s comforts.

To help you sail through your journey to the peak, and to truly embrace nature, here is a curated backpacking essentials list-

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Backpacking Checklist For Mountaineering Enthusiasts

Packing & StoringAccommodationSleeping EssentialsEntertainment

BackpackTent bodySleeping bagBooks, Kindle, Magazines
Camera BagRainflyPad attachment straps (optional)Card games
Trash compactor bagTent poles or trekking polesSleeping padIndoor games
Ziplock bags for garbageGuy linesQuiltDairy + pen
Waterproof sacksGroundsheet for tent floorPillow or stuff sackHeadphones / Ipod 

Food & WaterCooking EssentialsNavigation EssentialsMedical Essentials

Packed MealsStove + fuelMaps + CompassBand-aids (different sizes)
Snacks + BeveragesCookpot + lidWatchAntibiotic ointment
Extra day’s supply of foodSmall lighterDownloaded maps on GPS phone appGauze pads
Ziplock bags for leftover foodSpoon + Fork + MugPhotos of guidebook pagesMedical tape
4 water bottles (2-6 liters)Small quick-dry towelAt least 2 copies of itinerariesLatex gloves
ThermosCleaning soapSatellite MessengerTweezers + Safety Pins
Water filter or purifierKit of spicesBackpacking permitsAntihistamines + Antidiarrheal

ClothingBack-up KitCosmetics & ToiletriesAccessories & Tools

Warm jacketSmall backup lighterSunscreenTrekking poles
Raincoat (with pants)Duct/Tenacious TapeLip balm with SPFLightweight hammock
Warm glovesSleeping pad patch kitHand sanitizerUmbrella
Fleece hatSuper glue (optional)Toilet paper/wipesLight pocket knife or multi-tool
Hiking pantsNeedle + thread (optional)Menstrual productsWhistle
Running shorts or skirtStorm-proof matches + small fire startersToothbrush + pasteCell phone + Power bank
Long-sleeve shirtsBackup water treatment pillsFlossWaterproof phone case
Casual shirts
Contact lenses + supplies/glassesCamera + waterproof bag
1-2 Pair underwear
LotionExtra camera battery
2-4 Pair socks
Bug repellentHeadlamp (with extra batteries)
Sunglasses + case
Eye dropsExtra batteries for long trips
Sun hat + Scarf
Small comb + hair tiesAssorted Ziploc bags
Head Net (for mosquitos)

ID Cards + Cash
Small pack towel

Camping / running shoes, boots

Casual shoes / sandals

The checklist above addresses the first question of what to carry. Another important question when it comes to camping is the ideal destination that will bring you a treasure trove of adventures. In India, you will find incredible hiking and camping destinations in every direction; here are a few that truly deserve your consideration: 

Top 5 Backpacking / Trekking Destinations In India

Munnar Camping

1. Munnar, Kerala:

Being home to vast stretches of tea estates, Munnar in Kerala is easily one of the most incredible places for a camping or a backpacking trip. What makes it more ideal is that it is a year-round destination; meaning that no matter the season, it will introduce you to just as many wonders. The pleasant climate and the tranquil aura will leave you forever amazed.

If you are in search of heart-warming bonfires, then Munnar has to be your go-to destination. It is home to great campsites where you can enjoy some local food, take long walks along the tea estates, capture the merry moments in well-framed photographs, revel in the sweet sound of birds chirping and rustling leaves gently waking you to a sunrise that will bring you new hope. After a day full of getting to know nature a little better, the forest sounds are sure to lull you into a sound sleep. 

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

2. Sikkim Himalayas:

The Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is one of the most sought-after adventures in India. Located at a height of 8586m, it is the third highest mountain in the world. The trek begins at Yuksom, a sleepy village in West Sikkim. During this period, you are introduced to nature’s best in every form – evergreen fern plantations, the riveting views of Rathong River, lovely orchids, and rare species of birds.

The route takes you past the Tshoka hamlet followed by Phedang Pass offering awe-inspiring views of Pandim, Thenchinkhang and Jhuponu Mountains. You also get to enjoy the panoramic views from Frey Peak to Kabru Peak, and soak in the beauty of the famous waterfall at the Paha Khola Bridge.

Tso Moriri Lake Trek

3. Ladakh Himalayas:

The Tso Moriri Lake Trek is the best way to experience the Ladakh Himalayas. Located at an altitude of 4594m, it is one of the highest altitude lakes in the trans-Himalayan region. It is bordered by Ladakh to the north, Tibet to the east, and Zanskar to the west. Along with the many thrills of trekking, you will also get to spot some of the rare species of Himalayan mammals.

The route covers multiple mountain passes like Tanglang La, situated at an altitude of 5332m, and Horlamkongkala, located at an altitude of 4900m, finally reaching Yalung Aula, seated at an altitude of 5440m, approximately. This is where you get to truly witness the wonder that is Lake Moriri. You also get to explore the ChangThang region, a high altitude plateau.

Chandratal Lake

4. Chandratal Lake Trek:

When it comes to exploring North India, Himachal Pradesh is the hub of trekking adventures -the mesmerizing glacial lakes, mountain peaks coloured white with snow, dense green forests, and the rich local culture. The Chandratal Lake Trek is the preferred choice among trekkers in the Spiti Valley. 

Chandra Taal means ‘Lake of the Moon’. As the name suggests, this one is a crescent shaped lake, tucked safely between the tall mountains of the Spiti Valley on the Samudra Tapu plateau. The lake that features the best shades of blue is surrounded by wildflowers, making the experience all the more delightful. The treks usually start from Manali. There are many trekking packages available here so you can choose the one that best suits your skills. The best time to visit is between May to October.

Valley of Flowers Trek

5. Valley of Flowers Trek:

This trek is something you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, it is a part of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, and. The region is home to more than 300 kinds of alpine flowers, besides a biodiversity which has remained relatively untouched. Given the fact that it shelters a variety of flora and fauna, it is no surprise that the Valley of Flowers is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can also find several kinds of medicinal plants, and a few endangered animals as well. The trek begins from Ghangaria. You will instantly know when you have reached the valley as the colorful blankets of flowers will welcome you into a realm of uncontainable beauty.

5 Quick Packing Tips For Camping & Hiking

1. Build An Itinerary:

Before you get packing it is important to decide on a destination and the duration. This helps you better prepare for the journey you are about to set out on. Once you decide on the region and the number of days, you can start curating a checklist of your own, tailored to suit your needs and wants. You can even create a map out the not-to-be-missed spots you would want to explore while on your trek.

2. Follow The Checklist:

Consider the above mentioned checklist. You can eliminate or add the items in accordance with your preference as well. Make sure that you prepare the checklist well in advance, at least a week prior to your departure date. If you start making it at the last minute, you are likely to leave a few important items behind. 

3. Do Your Research:

Once you decide on the destination, it is important that you conduct a thorough research on the region. Keep a track of the weather estimations during your vacation days  – Will it rain? Will it be quite cold? This will help you assemble your checklist in a way that nothing takes you by surprise. Make sure to note down have all the necessary tools and accessories that will help you tackle the challenges, if any arise.

4. Carry Essentials Only:

Another important thing is to stick to your checklist when packing. Taking those 2-3 extra items may be tempting, but so not cave in. Remind yourself that for most part of your journey, you will have to carry the luggage all by yourself for long stretches. If you plan to take on the rugged mountains, no spinner wheels will come to your rescue. Carry only the must-haves to travel light.

5. Choose The Right Backpack:

The right backpack will make a significant difference. Opt for a lightweight backpack for your camping or hiking trips; they will prove to be an absolute blessing for your back and shoulders. Make sure that these backpacks are built for outdoor adventures and are equipped with the right features for the same – durable material, spacious interior, side pockets, rain cover, anti-theft zippers – to name a few.

Top Hiking Backpacks By Nasher Miles

Now that you have the ultimate checklist containing hiking essentials at the ready, it is time to decide on the ultimate backpack that can best accommodate them. When heading out on an adventure to embrace your wild side, carrying the right outdoor backpack is a must! Premium outdoor backpacks by Nasher Miles are perfect for mountaineers – be it for the beginners and experienced wanderers. Here is our premium collection of outdoor backpacks, curated to bring you the best of adventure:

Hiking backpack

Congo – This compact outdoor backpack is a favourite among day hikers.

Key Features-

1. Attractive Camouflage Design:

This backpack represents the phrase- look good, feel good. The fun camouflage design, available in grey and black, never goes out of style. 

2. Premium Material:

The fabric used to create the backpack is high-quality, water repellent, 1680D double-pile polyester. It resists abrasion and tearing.

3. Rain Cover:

You can unfurl the built-in rain guard and protect your belongings even if you get stuck in a thunderstorm.

Outdoor backpack

Vigo – This roomy 34 litre outdoor backpack works well for a trek or a short holiday.

Key Features-

1. Attractive Design:

The backpack’s rubber grip zip pullers and the interesting front pocket stylization shows a keen design view.

2. Laptop Compartment:

It comes with a large padded section, offering safety and a secure space for a 16-inch laptop.

3. Quick Access Front Compartments:

The backpack is equipped with a front zippered compartment for efficient organization of pens, phone and any quick access items.

Trekking backpack

Kona – If you are a day trekker, this backpack is designed to help you make the most of your adventure. 

Key Features-

1. Attractive Design:

Organization, convenient access, and stylish aesthetics come together to create a standout backpack for you.

2. Premium Material:

Made of tear-resistant, anti-shrinkage and anti-scratch 900D Gucci nylon, the backpack is known for its lasting durability.

3. Padded Back & Straps:

The backpack is equipped with an ultra-padded and sweat resistant back and shoulder straps for maximum comfort and zero stains.

 Smart backpack

Virton – This smart backpack is just perfect for today’s on-the-go professionals.

Key Features-

1. Secret Pocket:

A handy little pocket has been sneaked in in the back of the backpack for an extra bit of security.

2. Padded Laptop and Tablet Sleeve:

The backpack comes with a large padded section, offering safety and a secure space for even a 16-inch laptop.

3. Sunglasses Cover:The exclusive sunglasses pocket is convenient and promotes easy access.

Our collections are designed to help make your camping and backpacking adventures memorable. You can know more about our backpacks by browsing through our website. Select the one that best fits the role of your hiking companion, and buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime. 

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