Travel Bags: Origin & Evolution

Travel means escape; travel means exploration, travel means enlightenment. For as long as one can remember, travel has been one of the greatest indulgences. In the modern times where the constant hustle to meet success leaves little to no room for relaxation or recreation, travel comes as a sweet relief.

The first two things that come to mind when you think of travelling is where to go and what to pack. More often than not, we forget to acknowledge a thing of utter importance- our truest travel companion that witnesses our experiences from day one of the vacation, our travel bags! They have all the room for the items that are going to make our vacation merrier. They are designed to give us an elated travel experience by introducing us to convenience and ensuring the safety of our items.

But, has anyone ever stopped and wondered about their journey? Where did they come from? Who was their inventor? How did they evolve to become one of the strongest pillars of travel as we know it? Let’s travel back to the time when travel bags first began making their space in our hearts. Nasher Miles brings you the adventurous tale of travel bags.

The Origin & Evolution Of Travel Bags

The Tale of Trunks-

In the late 19th century, luggage meant a huge trunk made of wood, leather, and a heavy iron base. It was durable enough to withstand the not-so-gentle travels  via ships and trains. But, this durability rendered the trunks too heavy to be carried around with ease. Given that travelling during this time was reserved for the rich, servants were hired to do the lifting and loading. As times changed, so did the concept of travel. By the beginning of the 20th century, more people indulged in the activity. The change called for lighter and more comfortable luggage bags. This meant a substantial decrease in the demand for trunks and they slowly went out of style.

The Saga of Suitcases-

In the early 20th century, travel went from being a ‘need’ to being a ‘want’. It was no longer limited migrations, business or pilgrimages. Air travel was emerging as a promising mode of travel which would take people to farther destinations faster than the other modes available. People began to plan trips to exotic destinations to explore and unwind. The suitcase was a superior, more convenient alternative to the heavy trunk. Staying true to its name, the early suitcase was a case made to carry suits. They were either made of wicker, leather, or a thick rubbery cloth stretched over a steel or rigid wood frame. They closed and opened using metal clasps.

The Era Of Wheeled Luggage-

Bernard Sadow, 85, was inspired when he was going through customs at an airport in Puerto Rico, on the way back from Aruba with his wife and kids. At first, he had trouble selling his rolling suitcase idea but succeeded eventually. Sadow applied for a U.S. patent in 1970, and in 1972, he was granted the first successful patent on wheeled suitcases. Macy’s sold the first suitcases in October 1970. The luggage was made of lighter materials, making it more and more popular with time. Till date, it stands to be the luggage of choice by travellers all across the globe.

Present Day Travel Bags-

Today, there’s plenty to choose from, based on the kind of travel one indulges in. From hardside suitcases to softside suitcases; from outdoor backpacks to corporate backpacks– the list is quite long. Smart bags with GPS tracking systems stand in the spotlight in recent years.

Today’s travel bags are designed to promote any and every kind of travel. Spacious compartment, exterior and interior pockets, fully line zippers, expander options to make room for more, TSA approved locks for extra security, superior wheels that ensure smoother manoeuvrability- name the requirement and there’s a bag out there with the feature that satisfies this requirement.

Their fascinating journey so far is an indication of an equally exciting future. With today’s technology and the power of innovation, one can only wonder what the future has in store for travel bags. After all, there’s always room for improvement. As of now, there are many different types of travel bags to choose from, making it difficult to pick the best type of bag for travelling. Nasher Miles is one of the best travel bags brands and has exclusive luggage collections online!

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