Travelling During Uncertain Times? We’ve Got You Covered!

The pandemic that spread like wildfire early this year brought everything to a standstill! The changes were unpredictable and hence, not easy to digest. But, as months passed by, the reality of things slowly sunk in. People are now on the brink of realization that the crisis is here to stay for awhile and the only thing we can do is accept and adapt. After all, as they say, life must go on.

Keeping all the precautions in place and in mind, the world has started functioning to the best of its capabilities. People have resumed work, and work means frequent travels for a lot of us. There’s always an assignment or an event that requires us to travel to places. At such times, when travel is mandatory despite the circumstances, all we can do is follow the advised safety measures and embark on the journey.

Nasher Miles, being a brand that values safe travels above all, contributes to this cause with their premium luggage covers. Your luggage travels through multiple airports processes and checks. Now more than ever, keeping the luggage covered has to be a priority. With our premium covers, it’s easier to keep the luggage well-protected throughout your travels.

Made with discarded fabric, Nasher Mile’s luggage covers are fully recyclable. These eco-friendly luggage covers protect your bag while protecting the environment. Double stitched and elastic, they cover your suitcase entirely to ensure complete protection against dirt, scuff marks and scratches. They come in unique, bright and beautiful designs, making them easily recognisable. You never have to strain your eyes to spot your luggage-covered bag on crowded conveyor belts! It’s easy to pull over the luggage and snap into place at the bottom. They come in three sizes (small, medium and large) so you can have the same cover for your entire set.

These tough times call for some cheering up. To add to the IPL 2020 excitement, Nasher Miles, the licensed travel partner for Chennai Super Kings, brings you CSK luggage covers. They are designed to perfectly match your personalised CSK bags and keep them guarded at all times. Now, you can travel safely while also traveling in style, just like the kings do! You can find our exclusive licensed Chennai Super Kings merchandise online; get your hands on CSK official merchandise today!

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